I was born with psychic abilities. The moment I knew I had a gift was when I saw my grandmother passing the day before she crossed to the other side, when I was a teenager.

In my early twenties I started to learn the Tarot and perform readings. In my thirties, I learnt the Lenormand Oracle and I use the Oracle as my primary tool for readings. In my forties I opened up to Mediumship and started to connect with the deceased.

I also decided to learn and practice magick. More often than not, a reading becomes a diagnostic for some work to manifest “the third wish”.

I can help you with making your own spell or make the spell for you. My clients include all types of people. From celebrities to every day people looking to improve their lives. From 20 year old to 80 year olds. I have performed thousands of readings over the years, mostly directly with clients or as an invited guest for events. I was the official psychic at Hotel Triton in San Francisco, where I was doing readings in the hotel lobby for a year.

I particularly enjoy business readings, to the point that I have been called “the business intuitive”. I have a business degree and experiences as business executives. I speak the business language and I am able to help with marketing/hiring/sales decisions.

My belief system is multiple. I was born with a catholic background. I also believe that spirits who crossed over are still with us. I believe in the Law of attraction.

My guides and spirits are deeply rooted in Water Magic, like the ocean, the rivers, the lakes. I particularly rely on Amphitrite to help me when I read. Another influence for me is the Celtic tradition.

Born in France, near the Brittany area, I am particularly connected to the Celts.

How I Make your Third Wish Come True

A reading is designed to provide you with an advice so your wish comes true. It is up to you to apply the advice to your life and initiate the wish process.


How does a reading work ?

When I start a reading, I take your energy in, and I focus on what you want or what you need to know, with the intention to make your wish come true !

I rephrase your question to get the maximum details on the advice from the Universe. For example, “will I pass the exam ?” turns into “what can I do to pass the exam ?’ and “what will be the outcome ?”

If you were in the room with me when I was giving someone a phone reading, you would see me getting your energy and go into a deep meditative state to get all the information you need.

Predictions Offer Guidance, Not Instructions

Many people expect to get exact instructions about a job, a relationship or a friend from their psychic reader. But that approach can be very limiting. Readings are about guidance, support, encouragement, empowerment, insight and comfort.

They can help you see things that perhaps you already knew deep down, hadn’t thought of before or haven’t yet realized. But ultimately, you are the one who will have to make decisions about your own future. We also believe in free will, so you have an opportunity to change the outcome for the higest good.

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Are Predictions’ Timings Accurate?

Often, the timeframe isn’t too specific. Predictions will often materialize down the road, sometimes after a few months or in the course of your life – a call from a lost relative, a new job or a baby may come when you least expect them. However, timeframes can vary.

Time is a foreign concept. It is a mental abstract humans have created. During a reading, we see seasons for example or get a sense of “slow” or “fast”. It might be the best idea of time at that point.


“You are wonderful and I appreciate your insight and advice. This is my 5th reading and you have provided valuable information to my business every time . THANK YOU!”

Matthew B

“Today is a new beginning 😉 The spell worked ! The next day I could see the immediate result”

Sharmini T

“Thank you so much for our time today. It has given me a path for a brighter future. Each of my 5 questions were answered very thoroughly “

Kelser C

“I’m still just over the moon about my reading! Thank you for the summary and Lenormand cards layout. This was such a cathartic experience for me. It is such a gift you have.”

Elisabeth M

“In a matter of weeks, the spell you recommended allowed me to resolve a very difficult matter in my house”

Micki N

“I did not believe in Feng Shui until you told me to change a few things and all of sudden I have more clients that I can handle”

Paul B

“I love your selection of Crystals, I use them for Reiki and they are super powerful”

Bruno P