Guidance to make your own spell


For this particular service, I will need to get all the details of a particular situation to fully understand your need exactly like when I perform the spell for you.

The difference is that you will do your own spell based on my advice and “recipe”. You will receive by email all the instructions to perform the spell on your own.

I do offer a live consultation service in addition to the email instructions to help you answer all the questions you might have.

Email Consultation

this is an instruction on how to perform your own spell with all the details: time, process, products

Live consultation

this comes in addition to the email consultation service and allows the client to ask questions re the email consultation

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“You are wonderful and I appreciate your insight and advice. This is my 5th reading and you have provided valuable information to my business every time . THANK YOU!”

Matthew B

“Today is a new beginning 😉 The spell worked ! The next day I could see the immediate result”

Sharmini T

“Thank you so much for our time today. It has given me a path for a brighter future. Each of my 5 questions were answered very thoroughly “

Kelser C

“I’m still just over the moon about my reading! Thank you for the summary and Lenormand cards layout. This was such a cathartic experience for me. It is such a gift you have.”

Elisabeth M

“In a matter of weeks, the spell you recommended allowed me to resolve a very difficult matter in my house”

Micki N

“I did not believe in Feng Shui until you told me to change a few things and all of sudden I have more clients that I can handle”

Paul B

“I love your selection of Crystals, I use them for Reiki and they are super powerful”

Bruno P