When asking the Saints to intercede on your behalf, it’s most important to be sincere in your petition. furthermore, it is not wise to ask for that which would be against that particular saint’s nature or principals. It is most helpful to think through your request very thoroughly, perhaps even writing it down. Some saints are very appreciative of gifts, sometimes before you make your request, sometimes after and sometimes both.

Usually, one’s prayers are accompanied by the burning of candles. Often, simple votive candles are sufficient, but 7 day novena candles of a color appropriate to the saint is even more effective. In addition, some saints have special oils for anointing their candle. Many people also wear the medal of a saint, particularly their patron saint, and carry a prayer card with the picture and prayer to the saint whose intercession is sought.

The Saints (O.L.= “Our Lady of …”)

St.Anthony Of Padua – Find lost objects, works wonders.

St.Barbara – For love and friendship, conquer enemies.

St.Bernadette – For healing.

Charity, O.L. – Protection of home, find lover, bring prosperity.

St.Christopher – Protection during travel.

St.Dymphna – For mental disorders, demonic possession.

St.Expeditus – Settle disputes, for pressing needs.

Guadelupe, O.L. – Overcome fear, protection from jinxes.

Guardian Angel – Protect self and children from danger and evil spirits.

Infant Jesus Of Atocha – Be free from punishment, guilt and sin.

St.Joseph – find job, sell or rent house.

St.Jude – For impossible situations.

St.Lazarus – Healing and Sickness.

St.Martin De Porres – For comfort, health, friends – good life.

St.Martin Caballero – Business, draw customers.

St.Michael – Overcome obstacles, defeat enemes, remove evil.

Mercy, O.L. – Studies, mental clarity

Miraculous Mother – Bring good things of life.

Perpetual Help, O.L. – When in need of help.

St.Peter – Open roads, bring opportunities for success.

St.Ramond – Stop gossip and slander, silence enemies.

St.Raphael – “The Healer of God”.

Sacred Heart Of Jesus – Blessed, peaceful life.

Sacred Heart Of Mary – Serenity and spiritual blessings.

Seven African Powers/Saints – All purpose, to solve problems,